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Xoxide Computer Mods

As we all know, the back-bending work of a true PC overclocker is never done. For all you hardcore modders in need of the gear that will make your computer run faster, safer (and look a whole lot cooler), you’re going to want to give in to your indulgence and head over to

At Xoxide, you’ll find an overwhelming selection of PC cases that are just begging to be overclocked. In addition, we also have the modding supplies to ensure the job’s done right. Carrying everything from cold cathodes, proper cabling, to comprehensive water cooling kits, you’re sure to find the gear you need to begin work on the ultimate rig.

New Xoxide Products

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Technology with Xoxide’s New Products.

Want to stay on top of the latest gear and gadgets for your PC? If so, you’re definitely going to want to head over to the Xoxide Forums and check out all the new products currently available at their online retail store. From the hottest new PC cases and gaming gear to the latest sales, rebates, and contests, you’re sure to find the deal of your overclocking dreams.

CPU Fans

Working on a Serious Rig? Keep it Running Smooth with a CPU Fan.

If you’re the owner of a PC that’s fully loaded with the latest custom mods and highly illuminated cold cathodes, then there’s a good chance your rig could crash at any second. Thankfully, you can prevent such tragedies from occurring with a CPU fan. Offering a full line of various heatsinks and coolers, you’re sure to find CPU fans at Xoxide that are perfectly suited for your system.

Fan Grills

Don’t Detach Any More Digits. Keep Your Fingers Safe with a Fan Grill.

Have you ever pulled an ET on your computer fan, only to pull back a stub? Then forget blinging out your teeth, because the only fresh new grill a true modder needs is one for their computer fan. Featuring a variety of sizes and stylish designs, you’re sure to find a fan grill at Xoxide that will add a cool look to your PC while keeping your appendages safe.

EL Wire

Illuminate Your Interior with the Bizarre Glow of EL Wire.

Creating an eerie glow that will permeate through your case window, EL wire is the perfect substitute for the modder who isn’t a huge fan of cold cathodes. Featuring the ability to be cut to the length of your choosing, Xoxide carries a terrific selection of green, blue and red EL wires that are sure to suit your specific modding needs.

Cold Cathodes

Lighten Up Your Rig with a Cold Cathode from Xoxide.

Looking to punch up your PC case with a little extra glow? A cold cathode from Xoxide is a surefire way to help illuminate your rig like never before. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, you’ll find an incredible selection of cold cathodes at Xoxide (including sound activated models, which offer an enhanced visual aspect to your favorite music).

ATX Cases

Amp Up Your PC Style with an ATX Case.

The preeminent form factor for the current generation of modders and overclockers, ATX is the way to go when choosing a computer case. Featuring well-respected brands such as Apevia, Thermaltake, and Lian Li, you’re sure to find an ATX case at Xoxide that will provide you with the impressive looks and functionality you need to create the custom rig you’ve always imagined.

ATX Power Supplies

Support All Your Components with an ATX Power Supply.

An ATX power supply is by far the most critical component of your PC. Any serious overclocker should be careful when selecting an ATX power supply, and should strive to choose one of the highest quality in order to accommodate their fully rigged machine. Thankfully, Xoxide carries some of the top names in the industry (including Tuniq and Aerocool) to ensure your PC will continue to run strong.

Thermal Compound

Apply a Little Tenderness to Your PC with a Thermal Compound.

If you’re an overclocker, then you’re aware of the extra stress that’s put on a heavily modded PC, and the extreme importance of keeping your CPU cool. Thankfully, a high quality thermal compound will effectively evacuate all that excessive heat from the core of your CPU Cooler. If you want to experience lower temperatures at idle and load, using a thermal compound is a great way to achieve your desired results.

Liquid Cooling

Ensure Optimum Performance by Liquid Cooling Your Next PC Case.

Offering a huge variety of liquid cooling kits and accessories (such as radiators, pumps, and water blocks), Xoxide is proud to offer overclockers the tools they need to keep their machine running at its fastest and finest. With the awesome selection of materials offered at Xoxide, any PC owner can create a fully loaded water cooled case straight from the ground up.

Fan Filters

Breathe a Breath of Fresh Air with a PC Fan Filter.

If there’s one thing that’s particularly harmful to any PC, it’s a case full of dirty air. By thoroughly filtering the air in your case, a fan filter will successfully trap all dirt and improve the overall look of your PC (especially if it has a window). Available in both steel and aluminum, Xoxide carries a wide array of fan filters in a variety of unique sizes.

Lian Li

Experience the Powerful Performance of a Lian Li Case.

One of the biggest manufacturers in the PC industry, Lian Li offers an incredible selection of carefully designed computer cases that have been meticulously tested to outperform the competition. Crafted from sturdy (and noticeably lightweight) aluminum, you’ll appreciate the impressive functionality and gorgeous design that goes into each and every case.

Computer Towers

Receive a Serious Boost in Style and Performance with an Xoxide Computer Tower.

Are you the owner of an awkward young hard drive that feels a little uncomfortable in its current shell? It’s time to move out of that boring old shack and move your hardware into a new computer tower from Xoxide. Available in a plethora of colors, Xoxide carries a variety of multi-functional full and mid-size towers from some of the top manufacturers in the PC industry.

VGA Coolers

Show Your Video Card Just How Much You Care with a VGA Cooler.

Your video card is jealous. You’ve overclocked your CPU and RAM, and you forgot all about your precious GPU. Well, it’s time to change all that. A VGA cooler from Xoxide will push your GPU faster than it’s ever gone before, and is a terrific way to protect your hardware and ensure you’ve made a wise investment.

SATA Cables

Blast Through Your Next Data Transfer with SATA Cables from Xoxide.

Available in both normal and UV reactive, you’ll find a terrific selection of SATA cables that will support most new SATA hard drives and motherboards. If you’re ready to experience some seriously fast transfer speeds, the unique batch of SATA cables you’ll find at Xoxide is sure to be just what you’ve been craving.

Fan Controllers

Wield the Winds of Your PC with a Fan Controller from Xoxide.

There’s a big difference between casually surfing the web and playing a massive online multiplayer, and you better believeyour PC knows it. To help regulate its appropriate speed, an external fan controller is an excellent way to have complete control over just how fast your computer fan is running. At Xoxide, you’ll find an excellent selection of 3.5" and 5.25" bays to perfectly accommodate the size needed for your PC.